OFTP Management Team

Geoff O'Connell

Africa Business Incubator Projects

Grant Whitaker

Chemical Technologies

Nick Sloane

Maritime Greenfield Projects

Sarel Bam

Water and Effluent Projects

Pieter van Heerden

Engineering Projects

Natasha Swanepoel

Corporate Legal Affairs

Kyle Rehse

ICT and SaaS Operations

Justin Cant

Group Media Management

OFTP Associates & Consulting Project Managers

Olaf Angloher

SAN Group HVAC and Refrigeration Projects Africa

Geoff Bayman

Shield Speciality and Raw Chemical Supply Africa

Purity Kuri

Kenya and East Africa Project Logistics

Alf Tinker

Marine Vessel Construction Projects

Gerry Van Niekerk

Aquaculture and Marine Platform Projects

Peter Newton

F&B & Water Process Management

Sergio Alvares

Mozambique Projects

Mobie Van Wyk

Zambia Projects

Ernst Schaitmann

Namibia Projects

Thobeka Gaxamba

OFTP South African Community Projects

Leonhard Eins

Solar Power Projects

EPCM Supply Chain Management

Carl Davis

OFT Projects OBC Procurement and Logistics

Charles Lumsden

Site Energy Solutions

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Please feel free to Contact us should you wish to enquire about our team's collective ability and Project Management References and we'll gladly put you in touch with the relevant specialist in our team.