Diesel Site Power Generation

Our site energy solutions division specialises in the co-ordination and management of the EPC manufacturing and supply functions of modular, cost effective and purpose built Diesel and Gas Generator systems in accordance with the requirements of our clients.

OFTP Powercube

We provide our clients with Project support options which include Turnkey Design,Load Profiling,Specification Validation and CKN Supply of their On-Site Diesel Powered Generator systems and associated equipment such as Diesel Storage, Sound Attenuation Compliance, Cost of Ownership models complimented by Remote and Site based full maintenance options.

Our Projects team and associates along with our Campus Manufacturing OEM partners have developed Modular Site Energy Unit designs which can be provided with the following as integral OEM Equipment or in component form for cost effective on-site assembly:

Modular Power Housings

Modular CKD Sound Attenuated and Insulated Housings
Containerized Site Energy Sets
Sound Attenuation
Integrated Workshop & Service Modules
Integrated Fire Detection, Protection and Suppression Systems
Interior Lighting and Security Systems
Access Platforms and Perimeter Fencing

OEM Equipment

CKD Diesel Generators and Engine Controls
AMF Switchgear and Control Equipment
Cooling Systems, Ventilation, and Housing Ventilation and AC systems

Fuel Systems

Integral or Free-Standing Fuel Storage and Filtration Systems
Bulk Diesel Storage
Fuel Filtration/Separation & Transfer Systems

Maintenance and Asset Management

On-line Consumption and Maintenance Programs and Software Development
Dedicated Spares Storage and Management Systems

Our Modular Power Solutions are tailored for clients that wish to procure and manage their own Asset management Program on site and require assistance in setting up their site management processes and maintenance programs.

Our services include drafting of specifications to client requirements covering Housings, OEM Equipment and Services from conception to handover.

Our Site Based Energy Ownership Options

• Capital Equipment Acquisition based on a OBC OEM Procurement Contract
• Fixed Site Services Charge per month options - (Optional)
• OEM Warranty management & Cost management Reporting
• Spares Supply based on our available OBC OEM Costings available

This provides the client with detailed options when considering on-site Capital Equipment procurement, Site energy costs and Operating Cost control systems based on their actual power usage through the OEM equipments proposed life cycle.

Applications Profile

• Mining Industry
• Marine Salvage Industry
• Construction and Greenfields Project Camp Establishment
• Retail Developers
• Oil and Gas Industry
• Facilities Management Industry


Value Proposal

OFTP and its associates offer a consultative approach to offering the best power solution tailored to the client’s specific needs and utilize our manufacturing and knowledge network to provide access to the following:

• Client OEM Diesel Equipment Site based Management and Maintenance 
• Solar Energy options
• Site Energy Rental options
• Hybrid Power Supply options

 Our value proposal is to offer a range of options based on experience and knowledge which ultimately provides the best end cost to client requirement ratios.

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