Our Open Book Costing Procurement Contract Scope of Supply

OFT Projects and its partners are experienced at offering OBC Supply Projects which provides Centralized Procurement, Manufacturing and Supply alternatives when it comes to providing Technology, Equipment or Supply Chain Support to our Clients Project managers and their Professional Teams.


Our OBC model is as simple, as it is effective. When tendering for projects, we work with our established Client's Project Managers to provide an Open Book Costing proposal during the planning phases of a development or related Electrical,Chemical, Marine or Mechanical projects.

We focus on the following


Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Equipment & Spares.

SAN Group has over the last 20 years, procured, consolidated, and shipped Turnkey Refrigeration and HVAC plant and equipment across Africa. Once these are commissioned, they also supply Asset Care services and associated maintenance spares to service their client’s needs.

With support from a host of international OEM brand leaders, they have proven to be a cost-effective and reputable supplier offering Turnkey solutions relating to Air-conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Projects to the Commercial, Agricultural, Property Developers, Retail chains, and Accommodation sectors in Africa and have concluded projects for our major clients in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

SAN together with OFTP are in a position to offer our customers a cost effective range of products and services without losing focus on our core business.

OEM Water Treatment

Plant, Equipment & Consumables.

Sentratek Holdings - WPM is responsible for the sourcing and movement of water purification plants, consumables, media and associated dispensing and control systems. Working with their logistics partners, the team takes care of the often complex chemical product export procedures from South Africa. The products and systems that are moved for Sentratek by their IMPEX division are aimed primarily at cost optimisation for the end client and as importantly the improvement in safety during the handling of hazardous chemicals.

Through close co-operation with their freight forwarding and logistics partners, we take care of the complex chemical product export and logistics procedures from South Africa into countries in Sub Saharan Africa. Our team provides a vital logistics service to clients across Africa who are wanting to source spares and equipment that are not readily available in the countries in which they are operating.

OEM Power Systems

Power Generation & Distribution Equipment, Electrical Contracting Materials.

Our Site Energy Partner, Legacy Power Systems manufactures Electrical switchgear and Diesel powered generators and offer a multitude of OEM Electrical and Mechanical Build options. We specialize in the compilation of BOQ items for our clients Electrical contracting equipment and project managing the delivery directly to site for secure storage until needed.

This provides our clients with a costed BOQ baseline for OEM plant, Materials and Equipment that can be Procured, Manufactured and Supplied to the appointed main contractors directly on the clients or developer's behalf. This allows us as to provide OFT Project's clients with Centralized Procurement, Cost Control and Accountability, utilizing approved and qualified OEM Supply and Technology Partner's.

Raw Material and Specialty Chemicals

Sodium Hydroxide, Sanitizers, Disinfectants, Oil Dispersants, Emulsifiers etc...

SHIELD was formed to support Clients to move chemical products and equipment around Sub Saharan Africa. The products and systems that are moved by this division are aimed primarily at cost optimisation for the end client. The main functions of SHIELD IMPEX are the sourcing and supply of the Shield range of specialty chemicals as well as a host of Chemical raw materials and various equipment components.

Freight & Forwarding

Our Logistics team have a comprehensive consolidation and loading facility located close to the Coega Free Trade Port in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and provide procurement, consolidation, staging, inspection and shipping whereby we source the items and calculate the quickest and most economical route to the customer directly from the supplier or manufacturer. Our knowledge and understanding of the import and export requirements for each country in Africa allows us to provide an efficient and economical service to our African based clients.

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